MSD Announces Spin-off with ‘New’ Name Organon

Organon will be Global Frontrunner in Women’s Health

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The U.S. headquarters of pharmaceutical company MSD announces a spinoff for Women’s Health called Organon. MSD may also separate into two independent companies in the Netherlands: MSD and Organon & Co. so they can react even more quickly to specific patient needs and developments in the market after the spinoff. This development is good for the pharma landscape in the Netherlands.

It also fits in with the wishes of the Minister of Health Bruno Bruins to ensure the production and security of supply of medicines in the Netherlands. With Organon returning to the Life Science and Health cluster in the Netherlands, MSD further commits to the strengths of the Dutch Life Science Health community. Organon’s focus on Women’s Health hub is proof that Dutch economic and societal ambitions find synergy and that the strengths of Dutch LSH cluster are ready for the future.

In February, it became clear that MSD is splitting part of its product portfolio into a new independently listed company worldwide. This new company will be called Organon & Co. Organon & Co. will be leading in the world in the field of Women’s Health. The company is expected to have approximately 10,000 to 11,000 employees worldwide and will be led by Kevin Ali.

Organon & Co: global leader in women’s health

MSD announces Organon in the Netherlands, a life science and health hub focussed on women's health

The ambition is for Organon to become the world’s leading leader in women’s health. Although major strides have been made in recent years with regard to Women’s Health, the challenges of contraception, menopause and cardiovascular disease, for example, remain high. With its unique experience, unprecedented innovative power and using rapidly developing scientific insights, Organon & Co. wants to take significant steps in improving women’s health.

Kevin Ali: “The world and the science are ready for a pharmaceutical company that focuses mainly on women’s health. With the strong name Organon & Co. we can further strengthen our leading position in the market and play an even more important role in this challenging and promising field.”

In addition to women’s health, Organon also focuses on biosimilars, oncology and inflammatory diseases. The company will also continue to develop medicines in the fields of dermatology, pain, respiratory and cardiovascular.MSD will focus on oncology, vaccines, hospital care and Animal Health. MSD currently operates in the Netherlands with more than 6,000 employees. After the possible spinoff, Organon & Co. will employ approximately 1200 – 1600 people in The Netherlands. MSD will remain the biggest pharmaceutical company in The Netherlands.

Organon: a strong brand returns

Historical picture of Lab Organon in Oss, the Netherlands

By opting for the name Organon & Co., a nearly 100-year-old name is put back into use, which has disappeared from the scene since the acquisition by Schering-Plough in 2007. However, research shows that Organon is still a well-known brand. Moreover, the associations with women’s health are very strong. Also, about 20% of MSD employees in the south of our country still feel part of Organon.

Ben Lucas, managing director of MSD in the Netherlands: “Organon is still a strong brand. A brand that a lot of people still know and love. We are very happy that we can use this name again. This brand has a strong history in the Netherlands and certainly will be welcomed in Oss.”

Wenny Raaymakers plant manager in the Netherlands at the location that may belong to Organon & Co.: “There are passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated people working here in Oss, who often still feel connected to the old Organon. I look forward to being able to work with them under the banner of Organon & Co. to be able to do even more for women’s health. I am very proud of our long history in Oss and I am very happy with the name Organon & Co.

Source: MSD

11 March 2020

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