The Netherlands Earns a Top 5 Ranking in 2022 Global Innovation Index

The country also ranks 4th in Europe and performs above the regional average in all innovation pillars

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The Netherlands ranks fifth on the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2022, up one spot from last year’s ranking. Performing well across dozens of innovation indicators on the GII, the Netherlands is an ideal location for companies to accelerate their business and develop next-generation solutions.

The GII scores countries on 80 indicators across seven pillars including human capital and research, infrastructure, business sophistication, and more. The Netherlands scored exceptionally well in the institutions and knowledge and technology categories. Specifically, the country earned high marks for its business environment, financing for startups and scaleups, and knowledge diffusion.

Relative to GDP, the Netherlands’ innovation “performance is above expectations for its level of development,” states the GII report. The country also performs above the high-income group average and above the regional average in all innovation pillars measured on the GII.

Providing fertile ground to accelerate innovation

A key component to the Netherlands’ strong innovative ecosystem is a collaborative business environment. Dutch research and development efforts are only the start of where innovation prospers. There are unique campuses across the country that facilitate ground-breaking advances across artificial intelligence, quantum technology, sustainability, and more. These clusters of companies and knowledge institutes offer an excellent opportunity to collaborate and accelerate research and innovation.

Leveraging the Netherlands’ strategic location to connect with Europe and the world, businesses and entrepreneurs have access to global consumers and stakeholders. Companies can also collaborate with ease in the Netherlands and across the globe thanks to the country’s robust digital infrastructure. The Dutch rank No. 2 in the world for online connectivity, where 98% of households have broadband connection. The country continues to be recognized as a global leader for digitalization, innovation and integration of skills. In fact, the Netherlands recently ranked highly on the European Innovation Scoreboard and the Digital Economy and Society Index.

About the Global Innovation Index

Over the last decade, the Global Innovation Index “captures the innovation ecosystem performance of 132 economies and tracks the most recent global innovation trends.”

Source: Global Innovation Index

6 October 2022

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