Yamaha HQ in Amsterdam Takes Over European E-bike Division

OEM e-bike drive train supplier Yamaha will run the company’s e-bike business from European HQ in Amsterdam.

Yamaha HQ in Amsterdam Takes over European E-bike Division

The Japanese e-bike drive train supplier Yamaha announces that by the end of 2020, the OEM e-bike business in Europe will be coordinated from the Yamaha Motor Europe NV’s Amsterdam office.

International e-bike pioneers

The company unlocked the nowadays multi-million market with its PAS (pedal-assist) system in 1993. Soon after, the company began supplying other bicycle manufacturers that expressed interest in the system. In the 27 years since, Yamaha produced millions of mid-motors in Japan.

Today, Yamaha branded e-bikes are still sold in Japan and the USA, while partner brands equipped with the Yamaha system are sold in the European market. Yamaha is known for working closely with bicycle manufacturers to customize their systems.

Steering towards a lucrative market

According to a recently published report by Reportlinker, the European e-bike market is expected to exhibit a growth rate of more than 16% in 2020 – 2025. The Dutch, German and French market are expected to dominate the market with almost 60% market share. To be closer to this lucrative market, the Yamaha e-bike business will be coordinated by Yamaha Motor Europe in Amsterdam. These operations will not only include drive train distribution, but also the supply of parts to bicycle manufacturers.

Europe’s leading logistics location

The Netherlands is a hub for foreign-owned logistics and distribution operations. In fact, the Netherlands is the true gateway to Europe and home to an abundance of European and regional distribution centers across a multitude of industries. Interlaced with more than 139,000 km of roads, the Netherlands ranks first in the EU for the quality of roads.

This makes the Netherlands a top location for international road freight transportation. And with access to 170 million consumers within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam, Yamaha has the perfect springboard into the European market.

Source: Yamaha

19 May 2020

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