Recycling Technologies Announces it Will Establish Operations in the Netherlands

The company signed an agreement with Brightlands Chemelot Campus for first European plastic chemical recycling site

Recycling Technologies operations in the Netherlands

Recycling Technologies announced its first European plastic chemical recycling machine. The site will be located at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, an innovation, research and technological growth hub in the Netherlands. According to Recycling Technologies, a specialist in plastic recycling technology, this agreement represents its first site outside of the U.K. and enables it to test and deploy its technology further throughout Europe.

“The strategic location of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, at the heart of the petrochemical industry, our shared values of innovation, excellence and sustainability, and the mutual commitment to deliver a circular economy for plastics have been key factors driving our decision to begin our internationalization from the Netherlands,” said Elena Parisi, Sales and Marketing Director at Recycling Technologies.

Recycling Technologies pioneers sustainability in the Netherlands

Recycling Technologies operations in the Netherlands

From eco-friendly transportation to shipping methods, sustainability in the Netherlands is a way of life. With current mechanical recycling methods, plastic waste is difficult to recycle. Recycling Technologies has developed a method to enable the creation of value from plastic waste. The technology, RT7000, recycles plastic waste into a valuable feedstock for new plastic production. Additionally, RT7000 is a scalable patented technology and recycles low-grade plastic waste into a feedstock, trademarked as Plaxx®, for new plastic production.

Recycling Technologies will be implementing this technology at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The campus is located close to the main petrochemical hub in Europe from Antwerp and Rotterdam to the Rhine and Meuse. In fact, this region accounts for 40% of Europe’s chemical industry employing over 320,000 people. The campus together with Chemelot industrial park forms one of the largest research and industrial sites in Europe.

With sustainability deeply rooted in the Netherlands’ culture, the Chemelot Campus recently launched its “sustainability and circular hub” plan to play a leading role in implementing innovative solutions to solve ecological problems. A testament to the Netherlands’ strong R&D ecosystem, this initiative is also based on shared research and commercial programs for the development of new, sustainable and recyclable materials which can be applied on a large scale to maintain the region’s leadership position in petrochemicals.

Forming strong and innovative partnerships

sustainability in the Netherlands

After signing the initial agreement, Brightlands Chemelot Campus and Recycling Technologies will work to secure the necessary permitting and planning for the new plant, definition of the site layout and initiation of groundwork.

Elena Parisi, Sales and Marketing Director at Recycling Technologies: “The Campus has already attracted a number of companies with smart and commercial technologies to address major ecological challenges making it another ideal partner for us to advance the development and deployment of our technology in Europe.”

“We are particularly pleased and proud that Recycling Technologies has decided to set up their first European site for recycling plastic at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, an important step in implementing the Circular Hub strategy,” said Bert Kip, CEO Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

With its commitment to reducing waste, Recycling Technologies will be advancing sustainability in the Netherlands and beyond.

Source: Recycling Technologies

28 April 2020

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