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Fastest growing financial technology firm, MarketAxess, finds a new base in the Netherlands

MarketAxess is one of the fastest growing financial technology firms in the world. Serving the global institutional fixed income community, the firm’s technology connects some of the most sophisticated asset managers, pension funds, hedge funds and banks to trade bonds around the clock and efficiently manage complex operational processes. Recently, MarketAxess announced opening a new office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Christophe Roupie, Head of Europe and Asia at MarketAxess, sees the opening of the Amsterdam office as the next logical step for the firm: “Ensuring we deliver the best possible service requires that we are located in markets that allow us to innovate. In addition to our hubs across the globe, operating in the Netherlands means we can continue to deliver efficient market infrastructure solutions for our clients.”

“The Netherlands is a truly global country”

Choosing the Netherlands fits MarketAxess’ global mind-set, continues Christophe: “As a multi-national firm with offices from New York to London and Sao Pãulo to Singapore, connectivity to our clients is paramount to our continued success. The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, offers MarketAxess an additional base to thrive on a global scale and the ability to develop solutions that meet the demands of our clients.”

“The Netherlands is a truly global country that fosters productivity and business growth – a heritage that dates back to the Dutch Golden Age and the tulip market. As one of the first developers of securities trading and exchanges, the Netherlands is a natural home for MarketAxess given our shared entrepreneurial spirit. The legacy of openness by the Dutch regulator toward financial services firms and the broader support for modern technological innovation are major factors that set the Netherlands apart.”

Amsterdam has a lot to offer for MarketAxess. Christophe explains: “As a financial technology firm, we are nimble and fast-paced, and look for people that thrive in a creative environment. Amsterdam offers an ideal balance of business productivity and travel connectivity that compliments MarketAxess’ global footprint.”

An environment of innovation

“This fosters a broader environment of innovation in Amsterdam that fits well with MarketAxess’ corporate values. High-quality education, rich cultural attractions and easy access to the rest of the EU are all reasons we find Amsterdam a natural extension to our European base and an attractive place to live and work.”

Dutch people are keen to try new technology. For example, they were one of the first countries to use WhatsApp for customer service. “This forward-looking attitude is vital for our business.”

Hit the ground running with services from NFIA and amsterdam inbusiness

Christophe was very pleased with the help MarketAxess received from the Dutch and Amsterdam government when setting up in Netherlands: “We have been lucky to find a trusted partner in the NFIA and amsterdam inbusiness. Through their contacts and knowledge across various sectors, we have been able to successfully secure office space, better understand the international education system, make valuable connections with the local community, engage with recruiters and even help create smoother transport links. Through the assistance of the NFIA, we are in a strong position to hit the ground running.”

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Industry Financial Services
Country of Origin USA
"The Netherlands is a truly global country that fosters productivity and business growth." Christophe Roupie Head of Europe and Asia
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