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How Teladoc Health Reshapes the Future of Healthcare in the Netherlands and Beyond

U.S.-based Teladoc Health, a virtual healthcare company with a global footprint, has carved out a thriving niche in the Netherlands. The company’s clear mission to transform the healthcare experience and enable people to live their healthiest lives, perfectly aligns with the Dutch goal to build a healthier world, together.

The Netherlands’ business-friendly atmosphere and central location were key factors for Teladoc Health to set up operations in Amsterdam. In fact, the Netherlands’ efficiency and organization to set up a business stood out to executives. Teladoc Health implements and markets two main portfolios from its base in Amsterdam. One focuses on technology for hospitals. The other focuses on virtual care services, including access to primary care physicians, psychological services and dietary support to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Joining Europe’s connected life sciences & health metropolis

Teladoc Health’s decision to expand to the Netherlands was influenced by the nation’s progressive stance on healthcare reform, including its unique blend of public and private healthcare systems. The country’s dynamic life sciences and health ecosystem fosters opportunities for global companies like Teladoc Health to contribute to the evolution of healthcare delivery. As Europe’s connected Life Sciences & Health metropolis, ideas are shared between healthcare professionals, companies, researchers, government and society to advance healthcare solutions from the Netherlands.

The Netherlands’ focus on regulatory compliance and information security also enables Teladoc Health to deliver services efficiently but at high quality. “There’s a lot of momentum in Dutch society and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to embrace integrative medicine as a means to increase prevention of diseases,” explained Stefan Scheepers, Managing Director for Teladoc Health Netherlands. Integrative medicine builds upon the holistic concept of evidence-based lifestyle medicine – aligned to the forward-thinking Dutch mentality.

Moreover, the Netherlands’ digital infrastructure offers an opportunity for the company to grow. Recognized as a digital gateway to Europe, the Netherlands is among the top on the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking and ranked first for technological infrastructure. The Netherlands offers an open and creative digital ecosystem that drives digital health solutions.

“The Netherlands is a small but relatively progressive country in terms of digitalization and the way healthcare is being organized,” Scheepers added.

Tapping into the Netherlands’ collaborative business environment

Teladoc Health’s success in the Netherlands is evident in the growth of its team and strategic partnerships. The company is committed to improving health outcomes and efficiency through innovative solutions with university and research partners. For example, Teladoc Health Netherlands has a partnership with  Erasmus University Medical Center. This collaborative approach utilizes Teladoc’s technology to enhance the quality and accessibility of neonatal care.

Other notable partnerships for Teladoc Health are with B2B partners, such as insurance companies, and B2C players, like VodafoneZiggo. As the second largest telco player in the Netherlands, VodafoneZiggo intends to combine its network and digitalization capabilities with Teladoc Health’s virtual care to offer a subscription-based health service.

A skilled workforce supports rapid growth in the Netherlands

To further its mission, Teladoc Health leverages the Netherlands’ skilled workforce, which is among the top of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index. As the company grows, it’s also capitalizing on the country’s prime location to attract skilled professionals worldwide. This integrated approach positions Teladoc Health to benefit from local expertise while tapping into a diverse international network for innovation and growth. The company’s Dutch operations began with just four individuals and in a span of two years, the team has grown to around 40 people, emphasizing rapid progress and impact in the region.

Teladoc Health’s success in the Netherlands extends beyond its operational growth. It serves as a prime example of why the Netherlands is the best place to accelerate your business and benefit people and the planet.

Fast Facts
Location Amsterdam
Industry R&D, Office Operations
Activities Life Sciences & Health
Employees 40
Country of Origin U.S.A.
"The Netherlands is a small but relatively progressive country in terms of digitalization and the way healthcare is being organized."  Stefan Scheepers Managing Director, Teladoc Health Netherlands
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