ADASTEC Expands to the Netherlands, Joining Innovation Ecosystem in Brabant

The US automation solutions company will be part of the Automotive Campus in Helmond

ADASTEC bus technology

Michigan-based ADASTEC has opened a business in the Netherlands at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. ADASTEC landed in the Brabant region of the Netherlands thanks to its place as a leading innovation ecosystem. The company is looking to accelerate automated driving technologies within the automotive ecosystem in the Netherlands by collaborating with OEMs, software providers and sensor companies.

“We are delighted to open our office in the Brabant region. The main reason for us to choose this location is because of the extensive network of automotive technology companies,” announced ADASTEC.

Innovation and collaboration in the Dutch ecosystem

Many companies invest in Holland to innovate and build smart, sustainable solutions for the future. ADASTEC is no exception.

ADASTEC’s automated driving software platform, with sensors and AI technology, innovates for the transportation industry and offers opportunities to accelerate an autonomous, sustainable future. It is “already being integrated into buses, which are in use on public roads in five countries in Europe & North America,” explains Invest in Holland Network partner Brabant Development Agency (BOM). The company aims to deploy more autonomous busses in Europe, so joining the Automotive Campus allows the team to do so from a prime European location.

As a company, ADASTEC aims to make transportation safe and automated while reducing congestion and growing economies. These goals closely align with the Netherlands strengths as a place to accelerate businesses to benefit people and the planet.

Sustainability in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is working toward bold sustainability goals and welcomes investment and collaboration from companies like ADASTEC. With strengths in transportationrenewable energy and artificial intelligence (AI), the Netherlands is leading the way in creating a sustainable future for all.

Source: Brabant Development Agency (BOM)

2 December 2022

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