What to Consider When Expanding a Business Internationally

Considering international expansion? Learn about the five most important items to set your business up for a successful landing and future growth

Expanding a business internationally is a big feat for any business, regardless of your company’s size or destination. With that in mind, there are a handful of items to consider that will help guide your location decision. For instance, is the location a good fit geographically? Are there skilled workers to support your company’s growth?

Boudewijn Barth, head of NFIA Atlanta, says “Base a decision on facts, not emotions. Especially when it comes to smaller and medium sized enterprises, they can let emotions factor into the selection process. For example, business owners enjoyed their time in Spain or they have a good friend who can help them set up in Paris. Doing due diligence, looking at every aspect of the market that you would like to serve is most important.”

While every company finds their own reason to invest in the Netherlands, the country’s strategic location, sophisticated logistics network and highly-skilled and multilingual workforce make for a perfect springboard into the European market. In our whitepaper, “What to Consider When Expanding a Business Internationally,” we uncover the top items to consider when expanding operations internationally.

NFIA can help you establish international operations in the Netherlands

In our ever-growing and increasingly connected world, establishing international operations is a positive strategy for any business looking to spread globally. If your company has international ambitions, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and Invest in Holland network can provide free, confidential assistance and customized information to fit your company’s needs.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us or download our free whitepaper below for more information about expanding internationally and the opportunities that the Netherlands can provide.

Download: What to Consider When Expanding a Business Internationally

26 August 2020

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