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Highly Skilled, Productive and Multilingual Workforce

The Netherlands offers businesses a highly educated, skilled and flexible talent pool. The Dutch higher education system graduates a steady stream of quality candidates with the skills and attitudes to meet today’s business demands. Plus, 90% of the Dutch population is fluent in English—the primary business language in the Netherlands—and a higher percentage speaks German and French than their counterparts elsewhere.

A model of efficiency and dedication, the Dutch workforce sets the pace for European productivity in a wide range of capabilities—from entry level to senior executive. Very little time is lost to labor disputes or labor relations compared with Europe as a whole and the cost of labor is highly competitive.

Labor Market

The Dutch labor market is comprised of highly skilled, multilingual, business-savvy workers ready to meet the demands of international business needs.
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Labor Relations

The Dutch government’s pragmatic approach to business and labor relations facilitates growth and improved efficiencies for international businesses.
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The Netherlands offers highly competitive labor costs with a high return from its skilled, productive and flexible workforce.
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Ranked No. 4 globally, the Dutch higher education and training system graduates a steady stream of highly skilled workers to meet today’s business needs.
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Work & Residence Permits

The Netherlands offers a “Highly Skilled Migrant Visa” for uniquely qualified international talent and other measures to facilitate the employment of foreign migrants.
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"Labor relations and government relations are constructive and pragmatic in the Netherlands." Marcel Smits CFO, Cargill

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