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Collaborating on COVID-19 solutions, Harbour BioMed finds its global gateway in the Netherlands

Specialized in innovative drug development for tumor immunity, immune diseases and COVID-19, Harbour BioMed is a global innovative biopharmaceutical company in the clinical development stage. It has rapidly expanded its innovative drug R&D pipeline through independent R&D and a diversified cooperation model after its expansion to the Netherlands

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Solving Global Challenges Together: a Dutch motto that Harbour BioMed relates to

By working with leading virology experts at Utrecht University and Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands, Harbour BioMed discovered 47D11 fully humanized antibody against COVID-19 using its own antibody technology platform. Harbour BioMed is currently working with Dutch scientists and biopharmaceutical company AbbVie to progress into clinical research and meet the urgent need of these antibodies against COVID-19.

Global connectivity has paved the way for the development of these antibodies. Dr. Wang states that years ago, Harbour BioMed worked with Dutch scientists on SARS, building a solid cooperation foundation. This has led to their discovery of a neutralizing antibody with a unique mechanism and high exploitability at first time following the outbreak of COVID-19. In addition, Harbour BioMed has worked with Mount Sinai Health System, the largest academic medical system in New York, to develop new neutralizing antibody against COVID-19, and collaborated with top domestic research institutions and enterprises to develop a new generation of neutralizing antibody.

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The Netherlands as a stepping stone for globalization

Harbour BioMed has a deep connection with the Netherlands. Dr. Wang says that Harbour BioMed went global from the Netherlands. In 2016 when it was founded, Harbour BioMed acquired 100% stakes of Harbour Antibodies, the Dutch company, equipping itself with the top fully humanized antibody technology platform in the industry.

Apart from its activities in response to the coronavirus, Harbour BioMed is developing ground-breaking innovative therapies for tumor immunity and immunological diseases using its globally patented fully humanized antibody transgenic mouse platform – Harbour Mice®. The company engages in global operations in China, the United States, the Netherlands and other places. Dr. Wang points out that, as an innovative biopharmaceutical company operating globally, the Netherlands had a crucial role in the globalization strategy of the company. The Netherlands is not only the core and origin of technology, but was also the core gateway for the company to expand its innovation and cooperation in Europe.


Ease of doing business in the Netherlands

Based in the Netherlands, Harbour BioMed has established an extensive innovation cooperation network in Europe to promote technology development and product-based cooperation. Harbour BioMed has partnered with Utrecht University, Erasmus University Medical Center, Viroclinics-DDL, and Kiadis Pharma to conduct research on the therapy against COVID-19 combining antibody with natural killer cell therapies.

“The Netherlands has a good business environment and particularly for biomedical companies, a good innovation ecosystem.” Dr. Wang said. “In recent years, many famous and highly innovative biomedical companies have been born in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. Thanks to the favorable business environment and innovation ecosystem in the Netherlands, this industry-leading core technology platform has been cultivated, and Harbour BioMed has been able to continuously improve its core technology and explore innovation and cooperation in the Netherlands.”

Aiming at meeting patient needs, Harbour BioMed will bring together top international talents and leverage its core technology platform to develop more groundbreaking and innovative therapies, Dr. Wang explained. He stressed that the company will not only accelerate the development of innovative products in China and bring global innovative drugs to Chinese patients, but also accelerate the delivery of highly innovative, differentiated, safer and effective breakthrough therapies to patients worldwide through independent innovation and diversified cooperation models based on the core platform.

Fast Facts
Location Rotterdam
Industry Biopharmaceuticals
Activities R&D
Employees 7
Country of Origin China
"Thanks to the favorable business environment, particularly for biomedical companies, and innovation ecosystem in the Netherlands, this industry-leading core technology platform has been cultivated, and Harbour BioMed has been able to continuously improve its core technology and explore innovation and cooperation in the Netherlands." Dr. Wang Jinsong Founder, Chairman and CEO of Harbour BioMed
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