Foreign Companies Choose the Netherlands Helping to Shape a Sustainable and Innovative Economy

Majority of companies helped by Invest in Holland in 2023 support regional ecosystems and contribute to Dutch economy and society

Netherlands economy is strengthened by foreign companies bringing digital, innovative and sustainable solutions

The Invest in Holland network, which attracts foreign companies to the Netherlands on behalf of the government, supported 217 foreign companies with their investment into the country in 2023. Its strategic focus is to attract and retain foreign companies that contribute to finding and developing sustainable, innovative and digital solutions to global challenges.

In 2023, more than 80% of the actively supported projects aligned with these strategic priorities and will strengthen regional knowledge ecosystems and contribute to the economy and society. The proportion of strategically aligned projects is up significantly on the previous year, showing the successful implementation of the sharper focus in the strategy, which was put into practice for the first full year in 2023. The stronger focus is essential for shaping a modern economy in a low carbon world. In turn, by choosing the Netherlands, companies connect and collaborate with the high-quality Dutch business community and further develop and market their innovations more quickly.

Foreign companies are important to Dutch economy

Micky Adriaansens, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, said: “Foreign companies are important to the Dutch economy. More than a quarter of the money in the Netherlands is earned by them. Also, 20% of employees in the business sector work for a foreign company. That is why I wholeheartedly welcome foreign companies, especially if they can make our economy stronger, more innovative and more sustainable.”

Hilde van der Meer, Commissioner of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and chair of the Invest in Holland network, said: “With the Netherlands’ central position in Europe, brilliant international connections and use of English as the language of business, the country is a fantastic place for growing business to expand into. In particular, there are vibrant business ecosystems for key industries such as Energy, ICT, Life Sciences & Health and Agrifood, and we are thrilled to have helped a number of exciting businesses in these sectors, which are strategically aligned to our goals.”

Standout projects supported by Invest in Holland in 2023

There are a number of standout projects that the Invest in Holland network supported in 2023. One example is Swedish Paebbl, one of only three companies in the world that produces raw materials from CO2 filtered from the air. Paebbl opened an R&D facility in the Rotterdam port area in 2023, where the revolutionary process of carbon capture and use is of great value for the sustainability challenge of the industry.  The Netherlands’ sustainability initiatives propel companies like Paebbl to innovate and help to reach a circular economy by 2050.

Another is U.K.-based Autocraft EV Solutions, a prominent player in electric vehicle (EV) testing and repairs. Autocraft has opened a new facility at Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW) in Arnhem. Arnhem is known for its expertise in electrification, battery and charging technology and renewable energy, and offers an ideal location for the company’s operations. Autocraft’s testing methodology helps to maximize battery longevity, significantly reducing the ecological footprint compared to producing new batteries. In turn, these efforts contribute to the environmental benefits of EVs.

Thirdly, with its arrival, the Taiwanese Keypasco is strengthening an important focus area for the Netherlands: cybersecurity. Keypasco helps companies protect their digital assets with secure and user-friendly authentication solutions. With 10 million users across 10 sectors, Keypasco is a leading player and asset to the Dutch cybersecurity hub, Security Delta (HSD), one of the leading cybersecurity clusters in Europe.

Number of investment projects

The total number of investment projects (217) for 2023 is lower than 2022 and 2021, where 326 and 424 projects were supported, respectively, but this is partly due to the sharpened focus in the investment strategy to attract certain types of businesses. It also reflects the challenges that businesses across the globe are facing, such as high energy costs and increased prices and geo-political tensions, which are delaying foreign investment plans for some.

The 217 investment projects in 2023 concerned both new branches of foreign companies and expansion investments of foreign companies already established in the Netherlands. The top 5 sectors in which projects were supervised last year are High Tech Systems & Materials (51), ICT (40), Energy (25), Life Sciences & Health (19) and Agrifood (17). Of the foreign companies that invested in the Netherlands in 2023, more than a third come from Asia (37%), followed by Europe, the Middle East and Africa (30%), North and South America (30%) and 3% from other parts of the world.

Solving Global Challenges Together

Hilde van der Meer, concluded: “We’re excited to be continuing our efforts to demonstrate all that the Netherlands can offer innovative businesses and supporting them in expanding into the country. We’re particularly keen to hear from those that will that contribute to finding and developing sustainable, innovative and digital solutions to global challenges. This is a time of rapid change that requires us to solve these challenges together, so we can create a sustainable economy that secures a prosperous future for all.”

Source: Rijksoverheid (in Dutch)

12 February 2024

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